Mid-Week Roundup

Some of the interesting articles floating around these here interwebs this week. Makes for some interesting Hump Day reading.

A NYT Opinion Piece on the ways in which White Power doesn’t look like we expect, “The Sound of Hate“:

But the reality is more complicated. White power adherents are not typically “out” about their extremist leanings. They straddle the worlds of white power and mainstream society, often publicly playing down or hiding their extremist identities. In the past, this might have been a hindrance. But these days they thrive in what we call hidden spaces of hate, often online, where they gather to support one another and their cause.

On Grantland Bryan Curtis notes that we’re all Olympic media critics in “Faster, Higher, Snarkier“:

We’ve become a nation of … sports media critics. You know, those writers who go sniffing for bonehead color commentary and network drama. For 17 days in late summer, their dirty pleasure is ours.

Jezebel asks, “Why Don’t Women’s Magazines Care More About Their Websites“:

It’s not that the websites are clueless about their web content; it’s more that they’re clearly not focused on becoming a breaking news destination.

A Politico article on donor bases, “Election 2010: The Myth of the Small Donor“(I know this is more politics than media, but I was fascinated):

By contrast, 2,100 donors giving $50,000 or more have contributed about $200 million to the Obama and Romney campaign committees, victory funds and their supportive super PACs. That’s far more than the $148 million all those 2.5 million small donors contributed through the end of June, according to an analysis of Federal Election Commission data by POLITICO and the Campaign Finance Institute.

In other words: In an election purportedly being driven by the economic concerns of the middle class, the top 0.07 percent of donors are more valuable than the bottom 86 percent.

Just a small and random smattering of interesting things happening in media and culture today. Any other must-read articles people have seen?


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  1. zouarvehat · · Reply

    All very thought provoking!

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