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The Amanda Bynes Conundrum

Another day, another Amanda Bynes tweet. For the past few months the pop culture world seems to be on the edge of its seat waiting to see what words will come from Bynes’s fingertips next. Her internet escapades have included risque “selfies,” odd tweets to other celebrities, rambling explanations of her legal troubles and a […]

Info-less-tainment: A Look at CNN

I recently found myself on, looking for the original clip referenced by another article. When I got to the front page, I was genuinely shocked by how few of the “Featured” articles seemed to feature news. Some (“Teen kicked out of SCRABBLE tourney”) merely struck me as fluffy, interest pieces better suited for Yahoo! […]

Mid-Week Roundup

Some of the interesting articles floating around these here interwebs this week. Makes for some interesting Hump Day reading. A NYT Opinion Piece on the ways in which White Power doesn’t look like we expect, “The Sound of Hate“: But the reality is more complicated. White power adherents are not typically “out” about their extremist […]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Wisconsin

The reactions to the shooting that took place at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin Sunday all have one thing in common: expressions of tragedy. Beyond that? There is a lot of disagreement about what needs to be said, what isn’t being said and what it all means. While some would have us focus […]