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Trayvon Martin: Not Another Placeholder

When the Food Network fired Paula Deen, we fell back on hashtags and tittering. When Yeezy brought a whole lot of race to the forefront and told us to hurry up with his damn croissants, we fell back on the beats, the artistry. By the time the Supreme Court said the least-functioning Congress in recent […]

She Runs The World: Beyonce and Feminism

She Runs The World: Beyonce and Feminism. via She Runs The World: Beyonce and Feminism.

My Intentions with Your Daughter.. er.. This Blog

As a fiercely opinionated student of communication, I believe that journalism, pop culture and the media landscape all matter more than we realize. I try not to let my status as a pop culture junky change the critical way I look at what is and isn’t present in media discourses. I have a tendency to […]